Gone were those days when humans lived in homes with just white painted walls, ordinary bulbs, and marriage and family photos in standardized image frames.

The trend nowadays is to have ‘stay partitions’ that can communicate for themselves. Each one having its very own identification and narrating its very own story! Folks like to beautify their bedroom partitions with subject styling that completely blends with their personality, existence fashion and suits the bill too!

Each one to its personal, like they say! Today the market is flooded with ideas to decorate your bedroom walls. Even in case you are not true at interiors, the internet can be your pleasant friend to do blend and fit and you can upload your touch of creativity and personalize the bed room partitions.

All you ought to have is a broad know-how of colors and picture of the way your bed room could appearance like. Dark colored walls might make the room look smaller and light shades could upload greater area in your room.

Bedroom wall decoration should be visible at levels. Decoration may be completed at the Macro and the Micro level.


Wallpapers, to decorate the wall suit perfectly into the Marco section. A large pattern, strong coloured wallpaper ought to absolutely go with a personality this is formidable and gutsy.

However, a small pattern, with diffused pastel paintings would upload greater taste to your own home decor if you are the friendly community kinds.

If you’re making plans to decorate a guest room, floral wallpaper at the walls can do magic in your environment and make your guests feel warm, inviting and special.


When it comes to adorning the bedroom at a Micro level, it’s far always a desirable idea to healthy the colour of the wall along with your age and the section of life you are in.

• A DIY photograph collage with strings of light will be a tremendous concept for a college goer or a bachelor. While an antique, rustic wall decor may want to talk volumes on your stylish settled wealthy lifestyle.

• If you have a dishonest for modern styling and decoration, you may pick out the bohemian geometric pattern fashion to beautify your bedroom walls.

• Folks who’ve a unethical for creativity can for sure add a hint of handmade work to their wall decor.

• Quilted art, wooden mosaic wall artwork, wall hooked up painting, vintage letters, handmade personalised signature paintings, Instagram picture’s,concept artwork work, glass painting, Painted glass vase, Honey comb wall art, graffiti, glow paintings, texture painting, gold polka dots, Plate art can carry some greater existence on your bedroom partitions.

• To make the bed room greater blissful, one may want to have the correct mix of vibrant and dim lighting to at the wall to suit the ‘mood transition’. Soft feather hangings in pastel colorings can distress and assist in mental relaxation.

• Kawaii painting could be another form of adorable artwork that you could add on your list!

When working with bedroom decoration, it is always advised to apply gold and silver glitter to upload a hint of royalty and make the room look cozier.

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