What is Granite?

Granite is a highly-durable natural stone which forms from inside the depths of the earth. Quarries extract it as large chunks of rock. From blocks, they turn those into slabs. A huge gang saw carves via the large stone like a giant bread slicer. Once cut, a particular system polishes the granites’ surface. In turn, this technique brings out the stones’ full coloration.

What Does Granite Look Like?

Granite is available in a wide range of colour and sample combinations. It often comes in shades of red, brown, black, white, and grey. Of course, there are other great colors too, like inexperienced and blue. Most slabs seem with scattered black and grey specks on its floor. In a few stones, swirls and veins make up its appearance. And, there are a few sorts that have minute crystals that shimmer under the mild. All these variations are natural and inconsistent. The diverse minerals that shape these rocks supply its unique colors. Hence, no two slabs are identical. As a result, this natural procedure yields a absolutely unlimited variety of granite choices on the market.

But there is greater to granite than meets the eye. After all, it’s miles a natural fabric that has endured via time. Many of our history’s majestic structures are a testament to its strength. In particular, it forms some of the amazing pyramids of Egypt. It makes up, too, the well-known sculpture at Mount Rushmore. These, at the side of a few greater, prove that granite is in for the long haul.

How Tough is Granite?

So what makes granite an splendid countertop cloth?

For one, granite is hard enough to resist abrasion. It holds out in opposition to scratches from each day kitchen preparations. It is tougher than maximum kitchen utensils. And, believe it or no longer, it is more robust than your kitchen knives. Second, it’s miles sturdy enough to bear good sized weight. It stays steadfast even if you area many kitchen gadgets over it. It will neither bend nor ruin underneath normal kitchen use. Lastly, it’s miles inert sufficient to withstand weathering. Just like a diamond, granite is a manufactured from the constant stress underground. Hence, it withstands warmness from warm pots and pans without absorbing damage. As such, it’s miles safer to apply than its artificial opposite numbers with resin and polyester. Granite does now not melt, warp or even change color when subjected to high temperature. Furthermore, it holds its color and luster even when exposed to the elements.

For all its inherent strength, granite, however, isn’t always indestructible. Use it beyond its everyday function, and it could wreck or chip like all piece of rock. A countertop is supposed to offer a work floor for the kitchen. So do now not sit down or stand on top of it. Use a stool when replacing a mild bulb or attaining for the higher cabinets. Also, do now not drop heavy items on the slab. Any sudden impact may harm its surface. Keep in thoughts that with right care and maintenance, your granite countertop can outlive the house itself.

What are the Uses for Granite?

Apart from being a countertop material, it has a whole lot of uses too. Granite is an brilliant floor for both indoors and outdoors applications. Polished, it makes lovely flooring, walls, monuments, stair treads, and desk tops. Its deep, natural color provides elegance and heat to any space. It works well with other substances, along with metal, glass, and wood. Hence, it enhances any architectural style, be it rustic or modern.

Textured, it’s far a dependable paver and pool coping that provides a non-slip finish. It is also useful for shower floors and other excessive-moisture areas. Various floor finishing, which include flaming, bush hammering, and sandblasting, allows us to produce stones perfect for the outdoors. These assist us employ granites that nice suits our layout and wished function.

How Much Does Granite Cost?

Here inside the Philippines, a typical 3/4″ thick slab costs around Php2,000 to Php8,000 in step with piece. The unit price of granite in keeping with rectangular meter varies primarily based at the coloration. A lot of things have an effect on these charges. These encompass the stone’s origin, grade, thickness, and dimension. And, like another product, deliver and demand dictate the prices too. These factors best rely the value of the materials alone.

Keep in thoughts that the installation costs separately. Your local supplier will price you based totally to your project’s degree of difficulty. Thus, assume to pay a little more in case your countertop has a fancy aspect or lots of cutouts. We know it’s far tempting to install it all by way of yourself, but it need to be accomplished by using a professional handiest. Granite set up calls for skill, strength, experience, and some specialised tools. With DIY, the most effective manner you could shop money is in case you do it correctly. Otherwise, you will want to shop for a slab replacement, for you to, of course, price you more.

Granite’s sturdiness makes it a life-time investment. It is a one-time purchase for you to serve its reason for a long time. Hence, it is lots extra affordable to have on your kitchen than replacing a Formica every ten years.

How Do I Take Care of My Granite Countertop?

Some, but not all, granites require everyday application of stone sealer. Depending on the coloration of your granite countertop, you may (or may not) want to seal a few times a yr to defend it from staining.

Even in case your granite does no longer require any sealing, it’s far usually quality to use coasters and trays beneath glasses and bottles. Should any spill or drip happen, wipe them off immediately. Always use a reducing board when cooking. Never cut without delay to your countertop’s surface as it will most effective dull your kitchen knife.

To clean, use a slight soap or a unique stone care product and a soft, tidy cloth. Do now not use vinegar, ammonia, or bleach. Also, keep away from acidic cleaners as they’ll wear off the applied sealer.


Whether you are the use of granite to your countertop or stairs, there is always a colour that matches your indoors. Not best does it complement your residing space, however it also increases the resale cost of your home. A granite countertop is a selling point should making a decision to put your own home at the market. Furthermore, it provides a working floor that lasts a life-time.

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